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SmartRetire are rewards for holders who have a long vision for the project and in return will be able to receive the highest reward level.


The minimum amount to qualify is 1 million Smart and the locking period is 15 years. 1 million or more Smart must be in 1 transaction.


Similar to TermRewards, SmartRetire deposits can only be spent after the expiration  date. The yearly yield of SmartRetire is 50% and paid quarterly. The rewards earned can be spent  or reinvested in a different SmartRewards activated address.


Note: SmartRetire yields may change based on participation rate. Existing SmartRetire rates will stay the same if there is a yield change.

  1. Download and install SmartCash Node Сlient.
  2. Buy SmartCash using exchanges and send coins to an address in your wallet. To activate SmartRetire you need at least 1 million SMART.
  3. Open the "Send" tab. In  the “Pay To” field  paste address that  you want to activate.

  4. Enter the  amount - 1 mil SMART and  more or just click «Use Available Balance».

  5. At the bottom of the wallet, you will see a field labeled "LockTime or TermRewards", click on it and select “15 Year SmartRetire & 1MM+” via the drop- down menu.Be careful: after sending this type of transaction, your funds will not be available for spending during the selected period! You will be able to move rewards to a different address and spend them.
  6. Click the «Send» button and confirm the transaction by entering your password. Done!
  7. After sending the transaction and receiving confirmation in the network, you will see the activated address in the “TermRewards” tab where you can see the balance of your address, term, yearly yield and expiration date.

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