I. For QT-Wallet

Step 1. Step 1. Backup your wallet (wallet.dat) to a usb drive. 


Step 2. Stop wallet 

Step 3. Go to data folder (https://smartcash.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/35000027195-where-is-the-data-folder-for-my-desktop-smartcash-wallet-stored-)

Step 4. Delete  this files and folders 

Step 5. Start wallet and wait 

5.1 In case your wallet didn't sync, your wallet.dat may be corrupted. Please replace it with your wallet.dat backup file and restart wallet 

II. For Wallet on VPS

Step1. Stop wallet 

./smartcash-cli stop & sleep 5

Step 2. Go to data folder 


cd .smartcash

rm -rf blocks chainstate database rewards 

rm -f  banlist.dat fee_estimates.dat peers.dat  netfulfilled.dat snpayments.dat version.dat 

Step 3. Start wallet 


smartcashd &&