Can’t type special characters 

Notes about console: The console software does not support cut & paste. You will need to key in login information directly. The software also uses the US character set. If you are using an international keyboard layout and are having trouble to key in the special characters used in passwords please switch to a US keyboard layout.

Expired implies it is not communicating with other nodes, after a while it goes to expired. It could also happen if the node was not configured correctly. Its like a website timeout kind of. If it was enabled, and is now expired then its not communicating for some reason, if it was pre-enabled but went to expired, then its not configured correctly etc.


Please check your storage space. We face this issue when we haven’t used the bash  installer from The debug.log eat all space in storage, you have to create a crontab to rotate the log file



# Clear debug.log every other day

# Add the following to the crontab (i.e. crontab -e)

# 0 0 */2 * * ~/smartnode/

/bin/date > ~/.smartcash/debug.log

Node status error “Not capable smartnode: Smartnode not in smartnode list”

You most likely haven’t applied the steps described in Section 9 of the Setup Guide correctly. The final steps after setting up the VPS are that you move to your desktop computer once again, edit the smartnode.conf there and finally start the node from your software wallet (SmartNodes tab).

Node status error “Not capable smartnode: Can’t detect valid external address …

Your hosting provider most likely doesn’t support automatic assignation of the external IP or IPv4. This issue has been reported with AWS (Amazon Web Services), among others. It can be solved by adding the following line to smartcash.conf on your VPS:externalip=PUT_EXTERNAL_IP_OF_YOUR_NODE_HERE