1.) is my master security code the same as my private keys?  if not, what is the difference?

===> Master Security Code are not Private-keys. Master Security Code are the unique string display one time when you first create account on web wallet

2.) when i signed up for the web wallet i was given 3 wallets on my one account (i do use all 3. first one for spending, other two for saving), but i only got one master security code.  is it the same for all 3 wallet addresses on my account?

===>Master Security Code are used for all smartcash address on web wallet

3.) i was not given anything called "private keys", just a master security code.  if i need private keys, how do i access them?

===> Please export all your private-keys: Settings ==> Export


4.) What happen when i forget Master Security Code ?

==> When you can still login to your account please create new account ( this time please save Master Security Code), send all SmartCash from old account to new account, on new account you can export your all Private-key