Date: July 25, 2018

SmartCard Guide v1.0

Author: Jazz/Stirred


Sign up for a SmartCard Account 

Create your First SmartCard

SmartCard Anatomy


Sign up for a SmartCard Account

1. Go to the website.

2. Click on the “Sign up” Button.

3. Fill in your email address and create a secure password to create your SmartCard Account.
  • When creating a password it must be a minimum of 25 characters long.
  • You have the option to click on the Password Generate Icon in the Password Field (Below).
  • Please Remember to make a note and keep this password safe.
  • View the Terms and Conditions and Data Processing Policy.
  • Click the “SIGN UP” Button to proceed.

4. Check your e-mail account for a SmartCard Activation email.

5. After activating and logging into your SmartCard account you will now be able to create your very first SmartCard.

Create your First SmartCard

To manage your finances or to give a loved one their very own SmartCard to spend Smart, you can create as many SmartCards as you want!

1. Log into if you haven’t already and create your first SmartCard by selecting “ADD NEW CARD”.

2. Create a 4 Digit Pin for your Smartcard and  give your card the card owners name then select “Submit”.
3. Once you have reviewed and saved your decryption and encrypted key information  click “Close”.

4. You Card has now been created.

5. Clicking on the settings  icon, this will give you the option to print your SmartCard.
  • The settings menu will also allow you to change the name on the card, make a withdrawal/deposit, apply a daily limit or allow spending SmartCash from specific countries (Protections).

SmartCard Anatomy