While Registering at  https://business.smartcash.cc, you will have created a  HD Wallet; this article provides instructions on how to import this HD Wallet into Electrum for SmartCash.

If you have not already downloaded the Electrum SMART client, you can download it from https://smartcash.cc/wallets/#electrum  available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Once you have downloaded and installed the Electrum Smart client, launch the Electrum SMART client,  you will be prompted to create a wallet.

Enter the name of your business as the name of the wallet, then click next.

Choose "Standard wallet" and click next.

Choose "I already have a seed" and click next.

Enter your HD wallet mnemonic seed, which you generated when registering at https://business.smartcash.cc 

Click on "Options" and then select "BIP39 seed" then click "OK".

Remove the default text "m/44'/0'/0'" or any other text from the input field and replace with "m/" (without quotation marks) and click next.

Enter a strong password to your electrum wallet and click next.

You have now completed the setup of your Electrum Smart Wallet for use with Smart Business.