Note for Smartnode Owner : This release uses more space.  Ram minimum is 2GB, it will be difficult for 1GB even with 4GB of swap to get through the creating the SmartRewards index.  Servers are also required to have port 8080 open (in addition to 9678). Please update servers as needed.

sudo ufw allow 8080

add sapi=0 to smartcash.conf incase you don't want to run smartnode ( it will reduce sync time )

V2.0.0 Release notes:

This release adds the long awaited TermRewards and SmartRetire features. This is a mandatory update for SmartNodes, exchanges, and wallets.

For updating the wallet will force a reindex on startup automatically. It is normal for this take take an hour.

For new smartnodes use the script here to setup the config file and give some instructions after it runs.

  • Speed improvements using modern CPU extensions
  • Rewards database structure speed improvements.
  • Added TermRewards and SmartRetire database and wallet tab
  • SmartRewards tab improvements
  • Added warning on console tab to avoid sharing keys
  • Cleaned up rewards calculation and validation rules
  • Mining validation improved
  • SAPI calls added for termrewards, smartnode/roi, and smartrewards/roi
  • SAPI calls added to sort out locked inputs for unspent call.
  • SAPI call for transactions compatible with block explorer and SmartHub.
  • SmartRewards no longer paid to timelocked addresses
  • SmartNodes now required to enable SAPI and have port 8080 open to be paid.
  • Activation transactions limited to 100 inputs
  • CoinControl now selects a maximum of 500 inputs
  • Fixed reindex option on QT tools tab.
  • Reindex now recreates rewards.
  • Litemode has less block procesingg.
  • Invalidateblock is now usable with debugging removed.
  • Fixed memory leak in voting manager
  • Getbalance has option to not select timelocked inputs.
  • Useavailable button doesn't select timelocked inputs.
  • Increase default minimum confirmations to 2 with commandline sending.

Now the non SmartNode wallets can run with litemode=1 to reduce syncing time.

I. For Windows Computers

Step 0. Click Here Backup your wallet

Step 1. Download the wallet

Step 2.  Run the *-setup.exe file with admin right (please stop wallet first in case it currently running)

Step 3. Run the wallet and wait until it fully synced

Once wallet is been launched, It will start synchronizing with SmartCash network and depending on your processor's speed and internet connection's speed, it may take a while.

P/s: when upgrade to v2.0 please go to data folder delete the peers.dat and restart wallet in case it not syncing 

Step 4. Click Here Restore your Backup Wallet in case you have any issue with update process

II. For Mac Computers

Step 0. Click Here Backup your wallet

Step 1. Download the wallet

Step 2. Open the downloaded file and Drag and drop the smartcash-qt icon into the Applications folder. (please stop wallet first in case it currently running)

Step 3. Go to Applications and right click on SmartCash, then click Open.

Step 4. Your Mac will then ask your permission to open Smartcash - click to Open

Step 5. Your wallet will then open and start to sync, this may take some time! If it gets stuck, close wallet and open again.


Step 6. Click Here Restore your Backup Wallet 

III. For Linux Computers

Step 0. Backup your wallet

3.1 For Other Linux base

 Find the latest wallet versions here

Open Terminal windows


tar -xzvf smartcash-2.0.0-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz

Stop previous version (example v1.2.8)

cd smartcash-1.2.8/bin
./smartcash-cli stop

in case you install previous version via PPA please stop 

smartcash-cli stop

Please adjust any restart cron scripts so they use the full path /home/"user"/smartcashd instead of just smartcashd.  Updating will require a SmartRewards database rebuild which is done automatically on startup and takes an hour or two with command line and several hours with QT wallets.

Start the new version (example v2.0.0)

cd smartcash-2.0.0/bin


Base in your previous install command need run with root user ( sudo ), every command in linux base should run inside this folder smartcash-2.0.0/bin

Right now v2.0.0 did not support install via PPA so please use the guide for Other Linux base ( the 3.2 bellow did not work)

3.2  For Ubuntu ( for people that install with bash script or PPA before: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:smartcash/ppa -y )

sudo apt-add-repository multiverse (required for Ubuntu 18.04 if not enabled already) 

The wallet can be upgrade  by run this in terminal ( console )

From v1.1.1 to v1.3.3

sudo  apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y && 
smartcash-cli stop &&
sleep 20 && smartcashd -reindex

From v1.2.x to v1.2.8 ( don't require rescan and reindex )

From v1.2.8 to v1.3.1 (A reindex is necessary to rebuild the SmartRewards database. It may be faster to sync from scratch by removing blocks, chainstate, database, and rewards directories.)

sudo  apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y && 
smartcash-cli stop && sleep 20 &&

To check if it worked type:

smartcash-cli getinfo

among other info this should return: “protocol version”: 90031

For Ubuntu command line: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:smartcash/ppa -y && sudo apt update && sudo apt install smartcashd -y && smartcashd

For Ubuntu graphical version: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:smartcash/ppa -y && sudo apt update && sudo apt install smartcash-qt -y && smartcash-qt