Coin control is a very important part when you want combining your fund to have larger amount in 1 address. Here I am going to teach you how to combine your coins to 1 address (what I usually do).

To start using Coin Control, open your wallet and click "Settings". Go to "Options..."

When you get to Options, click the "Wallet" tab. Check the box that says "Enable coin control features". Click OK.

Now click on your Send  tab. You will see that you have a new Coin Control Features tab with an "Inputs" button. Click Inputs to use Coin Control.

You are now looking at all of your coins, grouped by the different inputs they were received on. In order for coins to consolidate together, they need to be on the same input. Here I will be putting all of my coins on 1 input by sending myself a transaction for 1 coin.

Select all of your coins to combine them all. You can combine different amounts by selecting only the input you wish to combine.

Now that you have selected your input, it's time to combine them. The best way to do this is to send a transaction of 1 coin to your own wallet. Copy your wallet address from the "Receive Coins" tab. Send yourself a transaction of 1 coin (any amount works. it will have the same effect)

You have now combined your coins to 1 input! Check the Inputs tab after your transaction confirms. You can experiment with many different block sizes to see what works best. You can combine inputs as often as you like.