Only use this guide when you want to run SmartNode. 

When you don't want to run SmartNode we recommend you to use  Electrum-Smart Wallet and skip the rest this guide because it don't require to sync. In case you still want to use QT wallet for non SmartNode just follow the guide 

A bootstrap is offered only for users that have a very slow internet connection. It doesn't  speed up the sync process, but allows users to download blocks prior to starting. It still will take a long time to verify blocks after downloaded. Bootstraps are never recommended for SmartNodes as the servers need to be fast enough to sync without it.

put SAPI=0 or SAPI=1 in the smartcash.conf file.
Bootstrap SAPI=0(no SAPI database, faster sync)
Bootstrap SAPI=1 (use for explorers, databases, local transaction creating)

If you just want to attempt to get your client up to speed and on the right chain, we providing a bootstrap data file below. This is NOT a snapshot! Using this bootstrap will still require the wallet client to verify and validate all of the data contained within

Steps to use the bootstrap:

Step 1. Stop/shutdown your wallet client if it is running.

Step 2.Delete the 'blocks' and 'chainstate' folders from your data directory. (The data directory can be found in these locations depending on your OS)

Step 3.Download the bootstrap from ( it only works with sapi=0 in the smartcash.conf)

Step 4.Extract the downloaded zip file

Step 5.Place the extracted bootstrap file in your data directory (Just replace your blocks and chainstate folders with these ones)

Step 6.Start your wallet client.

When your wallet client starts up, you will notice that it begins processing the blocks contained within the bootstrap.dat file. This can be verified when using the GUI wallet as it will say (in the bottom left) Importing blocks from disk.... During this process, network connectivity is NOT required.

P/s: from version v1.2.0 txindex are automatic enabled so don't have to put txindex=1 in smartcash.conf manualy