It is the 24th. You have been mining hard all month and you have a fair amount of SMART in your wallet.

You understand that SMARTREWARDS block reward distribution are only paid to individual addresses of over 1,000 SMART. You also know that you have to make sure you dont pull SMART from those addresses so you can get a chunk next month.

Like many, you are unsure where to begin because everything is in 250 SMART chunks spread over many addresses.

In this poorly written guide, I will show you how to consolidate them.

A) Launch the wallet and go to the RECEIVE tab

B) Create however many address you would like. I personally have a few (some for savings, some for spending, as well as others for random purposes)

C) Copy and paste that address and go to the SEND tab

D) Click on the "Inputs..." and the following screen should pop up

E) As you can see, we have alot of 250 SMART in individual addresses that are not eligible for SMARTREWARDS. Your goal is to select these amounts, consolidate them to your liking, and send it to one of your "other" addresses. After you have selected them, click OK.

part of the reason of going through this step is to make sure we are using the mining addresses. and of course, to make sure you dont accidentally spend SMART in those accounts for your HODL

F) Simply copy-paste the address that you made in step B

G) Fill in amount, press send... and then go back to the "Inputs..." box..

H) You can now see that your funds are consolidated into the addresses of your choosing. In this example, both of these accounts are eligible for SMARTREWARDS

If you have multiple addresses in your wallet, one of them or more than one being a SmartRewards address, and you still want to use that wallet to send out coins from an active address, you can do this:

You can lock the SmartReward addresses, which prevents coins from being sent from those addresses.

So if we take the example above, say you want to lock the 30.966 address since that's your SmartRewards address; you just lock that in place using Lock unspent and from that point on all your future send transactions will come from the other addresses.