According to @SmartCash, The SmartHive strives to "allow the community to control the fate of the coin, the governance, the budget, usage and encourage community development."

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide on How To Submit a Proposal

1. Submit a Pre-Proposal discussion in SmartCash Community Forum

In order to increase the likelihood of your proposal passing, it is highly recommended that you create a thread in the SmartCash community forum to lay out your idea, and get some feedback. This way any concerns can be addressed prior to the proposal being submitted to a vote.
For more help on how to submit a pre-proposal discussion see:
Here is an idea of the formatting you can use when submitting an idea.

2. Engage with the community and answer questions in the discussion.

If you want to see an example of a live pre-proposal discussion you can go here to see a discussion on a potential Twitter Banner Campaign:

In this discussion, different aspects of the campaign are discussed and hashed out until the idea comes to a place where it would be ready for @hockleyj to submit the proposal to a vote.

3. To Submit Proposal go to

This is the SmartHive Governance Portal where you will see the current Community Budget as well as any recent proposals that have been submitted.

4. Click 'Create Proposal' and Fill in Proposal Details

For the sake of this guide, I have filled out this proposal form as if I were @hockleyj, using information he gave in the pre-proposal discussion for his Twitter Campaign, and his SmartCash Address.

5. After you hit 'Save' You will be instructed to Pay 100 Smarts to confirm your submission.

6. Go to your SmartCash Wallet to transfer the funds

Be sure to copy the SmartCash address from the instructions and the payment amount as 100.

7. You will see that your Proposal Has been Submitted To a Vote. Good Luck!

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