SmartCash decided for the web wallet, that 3 addresses would be the minimum to provide users with the ability to spend and also collect SmartRewards etc.

  • Address 1 (aka wallet)  Spending  is designed for everyday use, spending, tipping receiving from others etc.
  • Address 2 Smart Rewards 1  Is designed with SmartRewards in mind, it is a normal address, but provides a warning when the user goes to spend from it, to ensure they do not accidently spend from the SmartRewards address invalidating the rewards for the month on that address (wallet).
  • Address 3 Smart Rewards 2  is the same as the first SmartRewards address but allows the user to cycle between the 2 SmartRewards addresses so they can have one or 2 active for SmartRewards, but if they spend from one of the addresses then the other is still eligible for SmartRewards.

All 3 addresses can be relabelled if you would like to use them for other purposes,  and you can even import more addresses from your desktop wallet or paper wallet if you so choose.