Sending SMART from your webwallet

After login, click on the send option in the left menu

This will take you to the Send section of the webwallet.

By default the “Spending” wallet is selected, if this is not the desired wallet you would like to send from, select the correct one from wallet drop down.

In order to send SMART, you need to provide an Address “wallet” you want to send to, the amount you would like to send and the password for your webwallet account, then you click send.

Your transaction is then processed and you are then taken to the Transaction History screen.

The transaction history screen provides you with valuable data on your transactions.

Clicking the transaction ID will open the transaction on the block explorer showing you the details of the transaction, how many confirmations how much was sent and to which address it was sent to etc.

It is important that for any support questions regarding transactions,  that you provide the transaction ID, as this will provide information to the SmartCash team to look into and advise on.

If a transaction is not listed, on the transaction history section and the balance for your wallet did not change, the transaction did not process.  If this happens to you, please logout of your account and log back in again and try again.