Registering for a SmartCash Web Wallet is the simplest and fastest way to store your SMART. The following article covers the registration process.

Step 1  use only the official wallet address 

Step 2 click on the Sign Up button located at the bottom of the screen

Step 3 Fill in your details making note that your name is optional, but the username and password are mandatory in order to create a valid account. 

            Copy and paste the "Security ID" provided, and also please ensure you save the "Security ID"  in a secure and safe place, preferably keep a copy on a separate device, as this "Security ID" is special and cannot be recovered later.

            Please ensure that you read the "Terms of Use" before accepting them, then proceed by clicking on the "Sign Up" button.

Step 4 Your account is then created

Step 5 You are prompted to save your "Private Keys"  these are the keys to each of the addresses your account has, as long as you have these keys and do not share them with anyone, you will own your addresses and the SMART contained in them.  

            We suggest backing these keys up to a separate device such as a usb drive that you can secure. once saved click "ok" and you will proceed to your new accounts overview (dashboard) screen.

This is the end of this article please check out other articles to learn more about the Web Wallet, or other SmartCash topics.